2016’s 50 Book Pledge

Looking back at the list of books I read in 2016 is an interesting exercise in reflection & recollection. For example, when I see book no. 34, My Wish List, it takes me back to my honeymoon. I bought My Wish List in a small bookstore in Quebec City, with an itty-bitty english-language section and read it on the train trip back to Montreal. But the most important book I read was no. 26, The Happiness of Pursuit, because it made me realize that the #50bookpledge is more than a goal to encourage myself to read; it’s a quest for continual learning & personal growth. Inspired by the benefits of pursuit outlined in the book, I decided to turn my yearly reading goal into a life-long quest to complete the 50 book pledge for 50 straight years.
So, without further ado: my #50bookpledge list for 2016 (2 years down, only 48 more to go!)

  1. Open Heart, Open Mind By Clara Hughes
  2. They Left Us Everything By Plum Johnson
  3. The Garden of Letters By Alyson Richman
  4. Ballad of the Whiskey Robber By Julian Rubinstein
  5. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules By Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg
  6. Remembering Forever: A Journey of Darkness & Light By Eva Olsson with Ron Jacques
  7. Sugar Falls By David Alexander Robertson
  8. The Steady Running of the Hour By Justin Go
  9. Ellen Foster By Kaye Gibbons
  10. All My Puny Sorrows By Miriam Toews
  11. Code Talker By Chester Nez
  12. A Rose for Her Grave By Ann Rule
  13. Fatty Legs By Christy Jordan-Fenton
  14. Pinnochio By Carlo Collodi
  15. Introducing Shakespeare By Nick Groom & Pie
  16. The Birds By Daphne Du Maurier
  17. In Cold Blood By Truman Capote
  18. Horse Sense By Tillen Bruce
  19. The Way of the Runner By Adharanand Finn
  20. The Fish that Ate the Whale: The Life & Time’s of America’s Banana King By Rich Cohen
  21. If I Should Die Before I Wake By Han Nolan
  22. Precious By Sapphire
  23. God Thinks You’re Wonderful By Max Lucado
  24. Running with the Kenyans By Adharanand Finn
  25. Bay of Secrets By Rosanna Ley
  26. The Happiness of Pursuit By Chris Guillebeau
  27. Adore By Doris Lessing
  28. My Year of Running Dangerously By Tom Foreman
  29. Little Bee By Chris Cleave
  30. Call the Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy & Hard Times By Jennifer Worth
  31. Kingdom of the Golden Dragon By Isabel Allende
  32. Call the Midwife: Shadow’s of the Workhouse By Jennifer Worth
  33. The Mermaids Singing By Lisa Carey
  34. My Wish List By Gregoire Delacourt
  35. Call the Midwife: Farewell to the East End By Jennifer Worth
  36. The Undertaker’s Daughter By Kate Mayfield
  37. True Crime Addict By James Renner
  38. What Doctors Feel By Danielle Ofri, M.D.
  39.  The Midwife’s Sister By Christine Lee
  40. The Wave By Todd Strasser
  41. Animal Farm By George Orwell
  42. Maximum Insecurity By William Wright, M.D.
  43. Running Like a Girl By Alexandra Heminsley
  44. Stuart Little By E.B. White
  45. Maybe this Christmas By Sarah Morgan
  46. Stiff By Mary Roach
  47. Fun Home By Alison Bechdel
  48. Julius Caesar: A Shakespeare Story By Andrew Matthews & Tony Ross
  49. The Tempest: A Shakespeare Story By Andrew Matthews & Tony Ross
  50. Modern Romance By Aziz Ansari


Interested in joining me for 2017’s pledge? Visit 50bookpledge.ca & get reading!

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