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My experiences training for half marathons, & completing my recent run streak, have involved many dates with the treadmill or the trail. Some runners are motivated by music, & while there’s definitely a place for a catchy song or two on race day (I have a weird love of Flo Rida & Nelly pump up music. Anyone else??), music just doesn’t entertain me for more than a mile or two during long runs. But . . . podcasts definitely do! My love for both learning & story telling make podcasts a perfect fit. Here’s my top 10 picks:

  1. Stuff You Missed in History Class: I feel like hosts Tracy & Holly are my best friends, they just don’t know it! These awesome ladies publish two episodes each week, featuring little known, but important, historical events in an absolutely engaging & charming way. I’ve even incorporated several episodes into assignments for my Social classes.
  2. Serial: Cause ‘duh! Season 1 > Season 2, but both are worth a listen.
  3. Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids: This is possibly the funniest podcast on earth. Adults dig through their old writing, & share the most beautiful/honest/cringe-worthy pieces in front of a live audience. I once had to pull over on the highway because I was crying from laughing so hard. P.S. I read some of my own deep, dark secrets from an old journal at their Saskatoon show last spring, but, thankfully, they didn’t make the podcast episode.
  4. Criminal: Phoebe Judge is an amazing host with an amazing voice. Every two weeks the good folks at Criminal publish a quirky new episode that looks at crime in totally unexpected ways. They’re also the creators of my favourite podcast episode of all time: “He’s Neutral.” It. will. blow. your. mind.
  5. Invisibilia: Like Serial, Season 1 > Season 2. This podcast from NPR is all about the invisible forces that control human behaviour. This one makes you think, & think, & think . . . in the best way possible.
  6. Death, Sex, & Money: Anna Sale is the bomb, & probably the best interviewer on the planet, at least in my opinion. She talks to celebrities & ordinary people about subjects that are normally taboo. This is the meaty stuff of real life.
  7. Only Human: From WNYC, this is a show about the human side of health that doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable conversations. Relatable & refreshing.
  8. Revisionist History: If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s books, this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you haven’t, take a day off work, go directly to the closest Chapters, & emerge enlightened.
  9. The Doc Project: As I’ve gotten older, my dream job has morphed from journalist, to teacher, to career counsellor, to English prof., to radio documentary creator, partly thanks to this show. Every episode is a unique look at a new subject, since the show is a collection of documentaries produced by a variety of individuals.
  10. Someone Knows Something: This is pretty much the Canadian answer to Serial. Season 1 had me hooked, & the first episode of season 2 was just released & is just as intriguing, & perhaps even more so.

Happy listening!

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