Geocaching: The Perfect Micro Adventure

“Geocaching is using multi-million dollar satellite technology to find tupperware hidden in the woods.” Such was the text of a meme I recently came across online, &  it cracked me up . . .  because it’s true! img_0838

I first tried geocaching a few years ago, & my most memorable find has been discovering a cache in the tiny Inuit hamlet of Kimmirut, Nunavut on my trip to the north in 2013. But geocaching isn’t just for remote locations. We spent some time in Nanaimo during Spring Break last year, geocaching our way around the harbour & on our honeymoon in Quebec City, we discovered a cache that was a cannon ball, fired into a tree hundreds of years ago! Geocaching gets you outside, walking, & exploring your surroundings, which is exactly why I enjoy it so much.img_0806

It makes the perfect micro-adventure too. Last winter, we spent our Valentines Day searching for geocaches & had the best time. It’s definitely not about the plastic toys & trinkets you are likely to find inside, althougimg_0873h when I taught a day camp one summer, the kids loved the temporary tattoos they discovered. Instead, it’s about the thrill of the search, & the patience & teamwork that are required for that search to be successful. There’s also something really magical about knowing that just outside your door there are hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of these little treasures hidden just out of sight, & that you are one of the few people that even knows they exist. It’s strangely satisfying to find a cache that other people unknowingly drive or walk by everyday, missing out on this little treasure because of the busyness of everyday life.




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