Race #4: Pi Run

My fourth race for #16racesin2016 was Epic Races‘ Pi Run. The organizers host an event in Michigan, but also encourage virtual participants from all over the world to run 3.14 miles on or near March 14, which is Pi Day!

I did my run the week before Pi Day & it was my best 5 k time to date. I had motivating music pumping through my earphones at the gym, & a real sense of adrenaline. It felt amazing to go all out, pushing myself & working incredibly hard. You know those days where your legs, heart, & mind are all working together? This was one of those rare days. The feeling of accomplishment when I was able to look at a time just over 28:00 was incredible. (Okay, it was 3.12 miles. But pretty close!)



Things got even better a couple of weeks later when I picked up my mail. I was expecting a race medal to show up, but was really confused when I opened the package & found some crumbs. It turns out the awesome people at Epic Races had mailed me a legit personal-sized cherry pie! I also received a wonderfully soft T-shirt that has become one of my favourites, a finisher’s medal, & a happy, “Congratulations!” message.


Any race that means I receive a pie in the mail, all the way from the US, is a winner in my books. I enjoyed the pie as a celebration of being 25% of the way to my goal.


I think this one might have to become a yearly tradition! If you’re interested, the 2017 event is already posted on Epic Races’ website. I give this race a gold medal for the swag, & fun theme.

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Race #3: Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run

I discovered Hogwarts Running Club on instagram last fall & was really excited by what I found. They are a charitable organization that organizes virtual races with various Harry Potter themes. An “owl” is sent to your address with a race medal, you print off a race bib using your own printer, & whenever you have time, you can complete the event, then enjoy your new race bling.(Who doesn’t love race bling?!) Trying to fit 16 races into an already busy schedule is daunting, so I love the idea of a virtual race that is flexible in terms of dates.


When you register for an event with Hogwarts Running Club, you can select a house to run for, which is a fun extra perk. I decided to go all in, & took a pretty in-depth online quiz to find out which house the sorting hat would have put me in, had I ever received one of those elusive Hogwarts Letters. I was sorted into Ravenclaw & registered for the Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run benefitting One Warm Coat, an organization with the mission to provide anyone in need with a warm coat, free of charge.

On February 15 I got my butt out of bed & to the gym to complete this event; my first ever virtual race! At first, I felt a little silly wearing the race bib on the treadmill all alone on a quiet morning. One thing I really enjoy about entering races is the atmosphere & adrenaline that come from running surrounded by other people, but it was stress-free & fun to do a race on my own & I actually really enjoyed it.


A few weeks later, this fabulous medal arrived in my mailbox, courtesy of an “owl” from the running club. This organization is extremely well-organized & exists for a good cause. I will definitely be signing up for another one of their running events in the near future.

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