Race #1: Lloydminster Transplant Trot

Late last year, I decided to take the plunge and commit to completing 16 races in 2016. I need goals to make me (literally) keep putting one foot in front of the other & nothing feels as good as completing something that’s slightly crazy!

My first race of 2016 was the Lloydminster Transplant Trot. Considering it was mid-January in Alberta, I was happy to see a race that was nearby & inside. I’d never done an indoor race before, so I was a bit nervous about the new experience, but decided it’d be a good training opportunity for the upcoming Hypothermic Half Marathon in Edmonton if nothing else.

The event was well-organized & a first for Lloydminster, so it featured several speakers and an emotional victory lap for those directly affected by transplantation. I was most impressed by the fact that 8 people’s lives can be saved by just 1 organ donor! Soon after the race, I let my family know that if something ever were to happen, that I’d like to be a donor. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to have it put onto my license until I renew it next year, but learning about something so powerful was a wonderful start to my year of races.

The actual run started off well, as the runners left about 10 minutes before the walkers, which included many families with kids. I had confidence in my 2:2 system of half-marathon training, but decided that 5 k really wasn’t very far, & that I may as well run the whole thing. My pace was good, except I did get slightly overheated. After the walkers started, it got a bit frustrating. Despite the volunteers constant reminders to stay on the right so the runners could safely pass, I found myself spending a ton of time dodging people who were talking & walking in the left lane.

As usual, Brian was the best and was nice enough to count my laps, protect my race goodies, & supply high-fives. Although this wasn’t a chipped event, I figured I finished in about 30 minutes, which would be a new Personal Best!


This is definitley an event I would enter again, especially because it raises awareness & funds for a truly great cause. For more information on becoming an organ donor visit the Canadian Transplant Society Website. The steps differ by province, but the most important thing is to let your family know your wishes!


P.S. You can follow along with my year of races on Instagram using the hashtag #16racesin2016.

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